Sr Hellen Joseph Ndiang’ui, Fsp

The word missionary commonly refers to a religious person sent to a foreign nation to evangelize the gospel to the peoples as per the mission of his or her congregation. However, it would also apply to a religious person evangelizing in his or her own country. As a Daughter of St Paul, one can either be sent to bring the good news to the people in another nation or to evangelize in her home country. My missionary experience is characterized by evangelizing both within and out of my home country Kenya.

In 2006, I went to Tanzania for apostolic and community experience as a novice for three months. I was inserted in the Catholic bookshop where I carried out the apostolate. It was exciting attending to people of all walks of life including bishops, clergy, religious men and women as well as lay faithful. Time to time, I would also air radio programs on faith. Kiswahili being the official language of the country, I had to polish my Kenyan Swahili and adapt to the one of Tanzania in my communication. In 2007, after my first profession, I was sent to evangelize in Lagos, Nigeria. My main apostolate was in the bookshop and diffusion. We visited seminaries, parishes, attended conferences and any other event that would need our presence. It was always interesting to go and meet people who really appreciated our mission. I could understand well the zeal of Jesus and St Paul moving from place to place in order to draw more people closer to God.

I returned to Kenya in 2010 for studies and mission. For the past twelve years, I have been involved in vocation work and animation to the young people, forming our young sisters, video production, and, carrying out diffusion in seminaries, parishes, schools and conferences. It is always my joy to see many people thirsting for the Word of God and being enriched by our materials. I am now based in the Archdiocese of Kisumu. My main apostolate is to promote and market our publications and productions. There are many opportunities here and the neighbouring dioceses for our mission. At times I am overwhelmed where to start or end. But the Lord who has given us this mission always guides us on how to go about it. I am a happy Daughter of St Paul and I am contented in carrying out the mission in my home country.

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