I am Dalitso

The name Dalitso means blessing from where I come from. Among my people a name is very significant because you have to live up to it. Everyone expects you to live as your name dictates. If you are called Dalisto then your life must be a blessing not a source of sadness for the people. If your name means hope, everyone will look up to you in hope. Your name defines your mission on earth.

Someone said that we were given names so that we can be called out when we have gotten ourselves into trouble. Well, trouble making is part of growing up but with time we become more responsible and less trouble makers. There is a purpose or mission of life that is somehow hidden and connected to one’s name. There are those called Amari meaning one who possesses great strength, Bahati meaning lucky or fortunate, or Ekon meaning strong.

This is just part of our self-discovery. Discovering our mission on this earth is always a quest that each person has to undertake. Our basic mission is to live life to the best of our capabilities and that includes making great use of our talents, gifts, inspirations and moments of learning. We learn about ourselves through what people tell us and also through what we discover about ourselves with time. However, each individual person has a specific mission to accomplish.

Lulu was always trying to imitate other girls her age but she could not manage to be like them. One day her mum decided to help her understand that she too had a different mission to fulfill in this world. So she brought out a Jigsaw puzzle and kept one piece away from the others. Lulu began to put the pieces together because she really liked puzzles. In the end she discovered that the picture was incomplete because a piece was missing. Only then did she understand the importance of that piece, it had its mission too and without it the picture would remain like that, incomplete.

What then is my purpose or mission on this planet earth? How do I discover it? Having discovered it, what will I do with that knowledge? And what do I need in order to accomplish it?

Debbie’s Tips

  • Take time to discover your gifts, talents and achievements;
  • Look realistically at the inspirations and aspirations that you have for the future;
  • Do some research and see how other people have managed to discover their own missions on earth;
  • Learn what you can from their lives, see what works out for you, keeping in mind your uniqueness;
  • Find strength in the meaning of your name from whichever language it is from;
  • Commit yourself to accomplishing your mission on earth as YOU and not as others have done. You will be surprised at what you will discover;
  • Always keep in mind that you are the one to accomplish this mission on earth, no matter how incapable you might think you are;
  • Use the knowledge you already have and what you are passionate about, then you will be able to come up with something new and better, which is unique for you;
  • Start small.

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