The Pauline Spirituality 


The Pauline Spirituality is centred on the Word of God and on the Eucharist. In our daily contact with God in prayer, we are transformed more and more into true disciples and apostles of Jesus. 
By belonging to the Pauline Family we also benefit of the supernatural wealth, which are in it.

Saint Paul the Apostle of universality, is the inspiration of our project of life. He is our model, our guide in living our intimacy with Jesus our Master Way, Truth and Life and in reaching out to all people with the strength and passion of his heart and the creative dynamism of his apostolic zeal and vision.

Mary, Queen of Apostles, who gave Jesus to the world and sustained the first apostolic community, is the mother of the Church and of the apostles of all times. She teaches us how to give Jesus to others through the witness of our lives and our apostolic activities.

We trust in the promise Jesus made to our Founder and to the Pauline Family:

“Do not be afraid. I am with you. 
From here I want to enlighten. Live in continual conversion. ” (Bl. Alberione)

In teaching his members to pray, Blessed Alberione did not introduce a new form of Christian spirituality. Rather he drew on the spirituality handed down through the centuries filtered through his own insistence on the primacy of the Eucharist: 
This deeply Eucharistic foundation stems from the pivotal spiritual experience of then-sixteen-year-old seminarian James Alberione on December 31, 1900 – the Night Between the Centuries. 

The Night Between the Centuries 

Blessed James Alberione discerned his call to become a modern-day St. Paul while praying for hours in front of the Tabernacle after Mass on December 31, 1900. This date has become known in Pauline lore as The Night between the Centuries. 
Subsequent to that night, the young seminarian “heard” within his heart three communications from Jesus Master, the Savior: 

  • “Do not be afraid, I am with you.” 
  • “From here (the Tabernacle) I want to enlighten.” 
  • “Have a penitent heart.” 

These three interior communications from Jesus Master are displayed in every Pauline chapel throughout the world. 

The Way, Truth and Life Method 

Father Alberione developed The Way, Truth and Life method from his close study of St. Paul and St. John. He gave it to his Pauline children as an approach to be used in prayer, in meditation, in the celebration of the Eucharistic, in the examination of conscience, in the Holy Hour, and in apostolic activity. 

The core of the Way, Truth and Life method is to consider Jesus Master in the self-descriptive trinomial which He gave of Himself in the gospel of St. John: “I am the Way, and the Truth, and the Life.” (John 14:6) Blessed Alberione came to believe that this understanding of Jesus Master provided an entryway into every aspect of human life — spiritual, mental, sacramental, emotional, anthropological, cultural, personal, apostolic —  thus allowing every human activity to be truly Christocentric.

The Way-Truth-Life method also derives from Pope Leo XIII’s encyclical Tametsi futura, which presents Christ as the Redeemer of humankind in mind, will, and heart. Blessed Alberione related the mind to Jesus as Truth; the will to Jesus as Way; and the heart to Jesus as Life.
Eventually, the Way-Truth-Life method developed a network of relationships between the three aspects of Jesus Master:


helps us


(dogma) through the use of our


Jesus LIFE


(worship) through the openness of our


Jesus WAY


(morality) through the exercise of our


The Hour with Jesus Master
The professed members of the Pauline Family pray an Hour of Adoration every day. Cooperators try to do the same. One method of making the Hour with Jesus Master involves using the Way-Truth-Life method in prayer. The hour is divided into three twenty-minute periods, each devoted to one aspect of Jesus Master:


we read a selection of scripture, thinking about what truth Jesus Master wants to impart to us today


we pray to Jesus Master, asking that our hearts be opened to what we have read, and entering into dialogue with the Lord


we decide upon a course of action to take with us from our Hour with the Master, into the world of apostolate.

The Four Wheels
Blessed Alberione taught that the whole “vehicle” of the Pauline family member runs on four “wheels”:

The Way of Humanity
A devotion modeled after the Stations of the Cross but expanded backwards and forwards in time. The Way of Humanity looks not just on the events of Our Lord’s Passion and Death, but presents meditations and prayers on significant events in salvation history, from the Creation to the Parousia. (Pauline Prayer Book)

The Pauline Saints 
The Cooperators have a special interest in the canonization of our forebears in the Pauline Family. 

Writings of the Founder 
Since Blessed Alberione’s death in 1971, his writings have been gathered from every source, and are still being edited, published, and released in translation in a variety of languages. Besides the published books, an extensive collection of documents is available online.

More writings: