Daughters of St Paul and Communication

The Church’s mission is no other than the salvation of souls. That is the only aim of the church and the sole aim of any Christian towards the human race.
We have been called to bring all people to enjoy the salvation won us by Christ. We have been gifted in different ways and the gifts of the Spirit in us help us respond to the needs of our time especially in regards to evangelization. In the Church these gifts are expressed or used in different ways through hospital work, education, social work and so on. All for the glory of God and the salvation of souls. The Daughters of St Paul through the inspiration of the Spirit given to Fr. James Alberione have been called to proclaim the gospel of Salvation through the media of social communication. This is our apostolic commitment;-this is our mission.

Communication is the exchange of information between people by a specified medium. This information can be conveyed through different means which include: writing, speaking, signs and so on.

Our mission as Daughters of St. Paul is nothing else but to communicate the gospel and help people to have a shared understanding of the Word of God.

There are several means of passing on information. Before now the medium has been that of gongs, drums, the flute, symbols like leaves, inscriptions on clothes, songs and so on. All these were used in the African set up to pass information. There was a time letters were in vogue, now we have emails, sms, music, face book, instagrm, twitter and so on. These are new medium of communication. Infact those who make greeting cards have been challenged because people prefer to send text messages than to sit and write a card. The media has opened the door to variety. Radio , internet, Television, internet, telecommunications and so on have been the center of communication today.

As we all know that what we hear or see shape our minds.  When we watch an episode of joy we are elated but it is the opposite when you watch a very sad film. We react mostly to what we have seen and heard. So that is where our mission comes in; to form the minds of people for and in Christ. Christ does not want any of us to be lost. So far we have been able to  make use of these means and continue to wake up to the signs of time. We print books, produce audio visual materials, use the internet, have radio programs, animate with images, dialogue forums and so on. But as scriptures say “the harvest is plenty but the laborers are few”. So as much as we will like to use all these means adequately we are still in need of generous souls who will make this mission there’s. The Lord offers us these beautiful means and we are to use them for his Glory.