Our Pauline Mission  is to spread the Gospel using the means of social communication and all the means that the modern technology of communication invents. Our boundaries are the boundaries of the world. At the moment we are present in 55 different countries. In Africa we are present in fourteen countries, namely: Angola, D.R. Congo, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Kenya, Madagascar, Mozambique, Nigeria, South Africa, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia, South-Sudan and Malawi. We go everywhere from one country to another, making Christ known and loved as St Paul did. We run book and media centres, organise book and audiovisual exhibitions in parishes and schools, and also participate in national, and international book fairs.

Paulines’ strategies and priorities are set according to the needs of the people and following the directives of the Congregation and the Church, particularly the African Church .

Paulines Africa (books and audiovisuals) are based on the Bible, catechesis, the teaching of the Church, formation to justice and peace, life education and literature for children . One important aim of the Paulines’ publishing house is to promote African authors and artists with particular attention to African Theologians in order to foster the inculturation of the gospel . Paulines activities include the publication, production, and the distribution of books and audiovisuals.

The Book and Media Centre is the distribution centre of all the initiatives of Paulines apostolate .
• Paulines Book and Media Centres are centres open to the public as a means of apostolate, from which rays of light and grace to enlighten and animate people spread
• It is Gods publishing House
• The Book and Media Centre is a church
• The person behind the counter, which is a pulpit of truth, is a preacher
• The products people are looking for are enlightenment, holiness and joy in Jesus Christ, and a Christian life
(Cf . Blessed Fr James Alberione)

Our Book and Media Centres are centres of apostolate:
• They are not shops, but a service to the faithful.
• Not sales, but apostolate through offerings .
• They do not have customers but cooperators.
• They are not businesses, but centres of light and fervour in Jesus Christ.
• Their aim is not profit, but to serve the Church and people .
• They do not exploit people but are of service to them.

Paulines Africa has distribution Centres in various parts of the world.

“No boundaries exist for a Pauline. We belong to a prophetic, open,
universal and missionary congregation. Apostles are needed,
apostles whose hearts are filled with the love for God,
yearning to do good to all people by bringing them
the Word of truth and salvation”
(Ven. Thecla Merlo)