Developing In-Born Gifts and Talents

Each day presents to us various gifts of nature and life. Amidst all of them, am I aware that each person possesses within himself or herself, in-born gifts and talents? A gift is a special ability that I possess; which I was born with and a talent is a natural ability to do ordinary things in exceptional ways. From the time I was born, I have been equipped with gifts and talents that help me to learn better, relate well with others, journey through life’s challenges and trials.

In the midst of all this, these gifts and talents which I possess need to be developed because if I do not develop them, they will remain stagnant within me. Imagine an Apple seed, which is dry, tiny and brown. If it remains kept in a container in one corner of the store in the house, nothing about it will change. And yet I will miss out on admiring how big a tree it can grow into, the beautiful green color of its leaves, the tiny pink beautiful flowers that it produces, seeing the little fruits grow into big apples that eventually turn into green, red, yellow or striped yellow and red fruits.

Analogously, this is what happens to my gifts and talents if and when they remain within me, undeveloped and unused. They do not add any meaning to my life. And yet they are like small seeds planted within me but not watered and so they wither, disappear or die.

So how can I develop these gifts and talents? Firstly, I need to discover what they are and this is a daily journey where I come to that ‘Aha!’ moment of realization that all along I have had this gift and talent within me. So having realized, I now make a step to begin watering them, in the sense that I begin to apply knowledge that I possess in order to uplift this gift. Constant use of these gifts and talents also will give me room to improve, discover some flaws and rediscover some new inspired ways to utilize that gift or talent well so that I may not benefit alone but also make use of it for the good of other people that I meet every day in my life.

Practically speaking, I might have a gift of good articulation of words. This might have been influenced by having the ability to listen and learn fast. And so, for a good listener it is easier to pronounce a word as it has been pronounced. The application part comes in through exposure to many other different words and languages. And in the end I might use this developed gift or talent to direct me into a particular profession like becoming a Linguist. This in the end will be quite beneficial to many people especially in translating books or talks during conferences.

So the aim of developing my gifts and talents is not only for my own benefit but also for other people who may be in need of that quality which I possess or may be inspired to learn from my example and develop their own gifts and talents.

Debbie’s Tips

Gifts and talents lead me to discover more about myself and provide beneficial services to other people. In order to develop my gifts and talents I will;

  • Commit myself to a task of discovering what gifts and talents I possess which are in-born.
  • Identify role models with similar gifts and talents as mine.
  • Learn from other people how they too have developed their own gifts and talents.
  • Creatively find my own way of making good use of them.
  • Research on what others have done in order to be motivated to challenge myself.
  • Nurture my gifts and talents through constant practice and work.

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