Self Development

Life is a beautiful journey where I keep on learning new things about myself, others and my surrounding. As I learn, I adopt and adapt to some situations and develop my own mentality and perspective of life with time. Self-development in life is quite essential for it enables personal growth and change so as to make progress, achieve goals and pursue dreams while letting go of those defects within me that hinder progress. Without self-development, life will come to a standstill, yet it is a journey to be lived progressively.

Self-development then might include developing skills and hobbies that will amplify my in-born gifts and talents, or even learn and develop new ones. The primary aim of such self-development is to increase the value of and growth in my life. I can never really say that I am content with my growth in life. If I take a good look at how I am living, I will discover that there is something new that I need to develop. And this includes all aspects of life.

In the work place, I might decide to improve on better use of time for maximum productivity meaning that I need to be able to prioritize duties to be accomplished in order of importance each working day.

In school, I need to see how best I can grasp what I learn in class and retain it in my mind so that I can use that information to develop my perspective of life and shape my future.

In interpersonal relationships, I can learn from observing how other people carry on healthy conversations that make them likeable and at home with anyone they meet, so as to increase my social circle and especially with those who have made great achievements already and are positive minded.

In order to avoid boredom, I can come up with different activities that will help me grow as a person like reading, writing, learning something new; for example, learning a certain type of sport and/or musical instrument even dancing or singing.

With self-development, I will be able to have and maintain a healthy body and mind, work on my weaknesses so as to live a more productive life. Also make use of and challenge myself to improve, and in the process inspire other people to begin their own journey of self-development.

Debbie’s Tips

To live each day while developing myself in all aspects of life, I will;

  • Find meaning in why I wish to develop myself.
  • Begin the journey keeping in mind that it may not be so easy but worth it in the end.
  • Prioritize what needs to be done in order to have progressive growth.
  • Commit myself to work on myself each day by developing different skills.
  • Encourage myself even when I meet failure and disappointment.
  • Change activities in order to achieve better performance, attentiveness and productivity.
  • Do my best to improve so as to help others also improve through good example.

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