Daughters of St Paul in Tanzania 1970

During the Second Vatican Council, and immediately after, many bishops and cardinals visited our Generalate to express their desire to have book centres established in their dioceses. In 1970, the late Cardinal Rugambwa of Tanzania, while visiting the Generalate, personally expressed, “I will not move from here till you have signed the agreement to send at least Sisters for my bookshop.” And on the 20th September, 1970 the first two Sisters left for Dar es Salaam. The Sisters worked tirelessly despite the hard conditions. This was the foundation of yet another community in East Africa. Over the years, our presence in Tanzania has borne fruit. We have vocations from Tanzania. Many people have been blessed by the life witness and apostolic service offered to them by the Sisters. A recent achievement we thank the Lord for, is the launching of the Biblia ya Kiafrika which took place in March 2010.

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