Daughters of St Paul in Kenya 1976

When the Daughters of St Paul arrived in Africa, they were young, full of enthusiasm and zeal, and eager to fulfil their mission of bringing the Good News of Salvation to the people of Africa by the means of social communication. The difficulties in front of them did not alarm them. They had the promise of the Lord, Do not be afraid! I am with you always, until the end of the age (Cf. Mt 28:10.20). The first Sisters were few in number but with extraordinary passion to bring the Word of God to the people, with no financial resources except their work, no friends to rely on, not much missionary experience, poor knowledge of the languages, and plenty of day-to-day worries.

The Sisters in Uganda often came to Nairobi for one reason or another, and during each trip they would stop by to greet the then Archbishop of Nairobi, Maurice Michael Cardinal Otunga. Being very kind and thankful for the Sisters’ work, he would every time and unfailingly ask the Sisters, “Do come and run my bookshop in Nairobi! You accepted to go to Kampala, and accepted the invitation of Cardinal Rugambwa to run his bookshop in Dar es Salaam, so, why do you not come to Nairobi?” Although the Sisters were very few, there came a time when they could no longer refuse the Cardinal’s plea. The General government in 1975 approved the opening of the house, and on the 15th February 1976, the diocesan bookshop was handed over to the Sisters.

Currently, the Daughters of St Paul are present in fourteen countries of the African continent. Still burning with the missionary zeal of St Paul the Apostle, they hope, in the near future, to open communities in Cameroon, Ethiopia, and other countries of Africa.

The gaze of the Sisters remains fixed on the world that is awaiting the message of Christ, and taking seriously the challenge of Blessed James Alberione, “Woman is on the move, and it’s a wonderful thing, a true gift of the Holy Spirit that a Sister is associated with the priestly zeal. The Daughter of St Paul is, according to her mission, raised to a dignity and activity which cannot have further heights.”


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